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Dead Stick

From the hardcover dust jacket:
RYAN CONLEY is a marine second lieutenant stationed in Abu Al Khasib, Iraq. Just as he is about to rotate out of the war zone, Ryan is severely wounded and granted medical discharge, so he can return home to the family ranch in Sweetwater, TX, to focus his energy on recovery. But life never goes as planned for the young marine, and he is unexpectedly found dead.
JAKE CONLEY is Ryan's brother and a Texas civil trial lawyer who never backs down from a fight. He has no intention of letting his brother's death go unanswered and travels half-way around the world to Baghdad looking for answers. It is in this burning, war-scraped land, Jake discovers that swords cut both ways.
             From Mexico City to Dallas, and points in between, the gritty, street-wise attorney dodges one attempt after another on his life while trying to unravel his brother's mysterious death. Against long odds and overwhelming legal adversaties, Conley battles to the end.

Below, read what some advanced reviews had to say:

“From the first page through the exciting finish, Dead Stick is an engaging thriller, with no lulls in the action. Frankly, I didn’t want the story to end. I highly recommend Dead Stick as a must-read with one caveat: don’t start the book too late in the evening or you’ll be up all night.”—Judge Glen Ashworth (Ret.)
 “A legal thriller with military grit. Steve skillfully puts you in the cockpit, the flying scenes made my pulse race, I could smell the metal, sweat and jet fuel again. He does a masterful job of taking you there.”—Michael Rutledge, Pres. Stearman Restorers Assn.
“Just finished it—white knuckled and on the edge of my seat from the close quarters combat in Iraq through the fireworks in the Nolan County Courthouse in west Texas. Jake Conley will take you on one wild ride!”—Pete Geren (Fmr. Sec. Army)